2015 Acclimatization Survey

We are happy to announce that the 7th World Congress of Mountain and Wilderness Medicine has accepted two abstracts based on data collected during the 2015 Altitude Acclimatization Survey.  Both abstracts will be presented during poster sessions.

The first abstract is titled, “Altitude Acclimatization Practices of Thru-hikers on the John Muir Trail” and provides an overview of the 2015 data. The second abstract is titled “The Relationship of Patent Foramen Ovale to the Development of Acute Mountain Sickness on the John Muir Trail” and describes a proposed study based on the 2015 data. 

For more information about Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), we have prepared a short list of references.  Click here to see the PFO reference list.

Looking ahead…

We are planning to run a modified version of the study for 2016 JMT hikes that will address questions that surfaced while analyzing the 2015 results.
Leslie Rozier (DNP, APRN), Inga Aksamit (RN-BC) and Kenny Meyer

We have provided some draft results from the 2015 Altitude Acclimatization Survey for John Muir Trail Hikers.

A few notes about this report of the data:
  • This is an data-only report of the collected data.  
  • The report does not include any analysis of the data or tests of statistical significance.
  • The data has not been completely scrubbed of spurious responses.

Click here to download the report.

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This survey is being conducted by Leslie Rozier (DNP, APRN), Inga Aksamit (RN-BC) and Kenny Meyer. If you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to contact us at acclimatization4jmt@gmail.com.

Latest Update: 6/12/16


  1. This is great! I much appreciate the data (I may use some of it in the stats class I teach).

  2. Hello Unknown.

    In the past we've discussed making some or all of the data available to folks with academic or research interests. If you have an interest along those lines, drop us a note at acclimatization4jmt@gmail.com.