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Mount Whitney from Trail Camp, Inyo National Forest
Photo by Inga Aksamit


  1. The Lake Louise sheet needs columns to take periodic readings over several hours. For milder cases, you might want to avoid the risk of an immediate evac and wait until morning (why does it always happen before bedtime!). Multiple columns make it easy to see if things are getting worse.

    1. Hi Walter. Many thanks for your comment.

      I think this is an excellent suggestion. However, we only included information that we found in the literature. We wanted to be as accurate as possible. In our search we did not find a version of the LLS that included multiple columns.

      The LLS has a long history going back to the paper by Roach, et al in 1990s. That version of the LLS is more technical than the one that appears here. This version is based on the Treksafe worksheet.

      The LLS shows up in a lot of papers. It's prominently featured in the WMS 2014 Guidelines. I think I can speak for my co-authors, we just want to be as compliant with the WMS guidelines as possible.

      It's only too likely that we may have missed a journal article that has a version of the LLS with multiple columns. If you are aware of another version in the literature with multiple columns, it would be very much appreciated if you could send along a reference.

      Many thanks for the comment and excellent suggestion.